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Where the hell is Novanim?

Here’s a hint:

Not Montreal. This is Ottawa. But the picture is nice.

Not Montreal. This is Ottawa. But the picture is nice.

I’m at the city of Montreal, Canada. What am I doing here? Well, apart from taking a well deserved vacation, I’ll be taking an intensive art program at “Syn Studio”, focused on digital art for the entertainment industry. This program, called “Full Time Intensive”, lets you take 5 different classes imparted by masters of the craft.

Rideau Canal at Ottawa

Rideau Canal at Ottawa

I’m taking this opportunity for many reasons. First, to finally have formal education in art. As I have mentioned before, I have been working as a self-taught artist for 10 years. However, I always wanted to have one live course that could provide feedback and human interaction. Second, to learn from top tier artists from the video game and movie industry, which is currently my professional path. And third, to acquire state of the art knowledge that I can bring back to my country, so others can learn to thrive with their art as well.

This blog is NOT sponsored by Tim Hortons. I just like the coffee and the food in there.

This blog is NOT sponsored by Tim Hortons. I just like the coffee and the food in there.

2019-09-18 16.51.33.jpg

My deepest gratitude to family and friends for all the support they have given me during these last months.

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Some Q & A

Will there be livestreams? Please understand that my internet connection is not as stable as before, so there will be no livestreams until I’m back at Chile. However, I’m planning to keep you updated about this journey with blogs and videos.

Why Syn Studio and not a different school? Since I was little, Canada always fascinated me. I always saw it as the gentle side of North America. Last year, I visited Montreal and was fascinated by its artistic culture. Since the school is in there, and also great artists like Scott Robertson and Raphael Lacoste forged some classes , I felt it was my call.

Will I continue working on Arcagen? It is my intention to keep working on my comic. If I could juggle many jobs at the start of 2019 and still finish most of the first chapter, I’m sure I can do it again. Of course, I will have to adapt to a whole new life here, but I’ll fight to keep the story going.

Will you take commissions in the meantime? Sorry but commissions will be closed during my stay, since i want to focus most of my energy to the program. I came a long way to be here, so I want to make it count.

Aren’t you afraid of this journey? I’m afraid, of course. I had many doubts, but the fear of not taking this chance is worse. “That’s all it is Miles, a leap of faith”


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Arcagen Journal Entry#7: Awesome Fanart!

Even before publishing my comic, I have been blessed with awesome fanart from great artists during these years. Please take a look on their versions of Paloma and other characters from my story.


This first one is from the very talented Andrés Blanco, a friend, colleague and former co-worker at DeNA. He’s also one of my loyal Patrons <3. I have always admired how loose and expressive his brushstrokes are, which create a unique sense of movement and tranquility. If you’re wondering why the colors of Paloma are different, it is because he did this fanart based on an old design of her.



Felsus was another co-worker at DeNA. We shared a lot of experiences during our years at the company, I must say I learned a lot from him. When he left the company, he handed me a sketchbook which contained these awesome fanarts of Paloma on the first pages. I’m super grateful for this gift!



What can I say about Isadora? She’s probably going to be one of the greatest transformers artist ever in a few years. She has this spirit of enthusiasm and self-improvement , which inspires me to keep advancing. Heck, I owe her for re-discovering my love for transformers and mecha in general. This is a commission, that has been around my workplace. If you like mechas in general, you need to check her stuff.



When I discovered Catalina’s work, I knew that I was in front of something very special. She’s a gifted comic artist and illustrator who specializes in stories for children. If you like colorful stories about magical beings, nature, family and friendship, don’t . I believe she captured the overall spirit of my story very well with this fanart.



She’s a very skilled comic artist, illustrator and friend who has always supported my artistic endeavors. Very prolific and professional, I’m sure she will achieve great things in the future. Check out the stream we made together some time ago. I gotta say, Paloma looks badass on this picture, and a bit older too hehe.



Morgan is a former student from my “Robot Design” class back in 2018, at Arcos Institute. He’s a very enthusiastic student with a lot of good ideas. Recently, he did this amazing fanart which captured a lot of the essence from the pilot of Arcagen. Just look at the amount of detail he put on the piece.



Boki is a loyal viewer of my Youtube Stream (which it’s currently on hiatus, sorry guys). He’s always making good questions about technique and the professional world of illustration/comics . I hope he continues his journey and becomes a great artist someday.


The last one is from Sebastián Herrera, UI designer from my team in “Hellfire: The Summoning” at DeNA (2016), and a person full of positive energy, good will and professionalism.

Sebastián Herrera.jpg

Would you like to share with me your fanart of Arcagen? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can share your piece with the rest of the world!


Arcagen Journal Entry #6: Working on a Cover

It has been some time since I wrote an entry on this journal, but believe me, the development of the project has been steady. The adventures of Paloma keep advancing, and soon I’ll have the first chapter ready. Did I mention I’m working with an editor? His name is Sebastián Castillo, chief of Pezarboreo, a small comic publisher here at Chile. He seems to firmly believe in my work, and I’m grateful for the support he has been showing on this story. We are preparing a surprise for a local con called FIC (Feria Internacional del Comic) and he asked me to prepare a cover for…well that’s still a surprise :)

On his blog, I want to show the creation process of this cover.

Step 1: Stealing like an Artist

Picasso once said “Good artist copy, great artists steal” (quote not confirmed). I might have an idea on how this cover might look like, but in order to be efficient, it’s a good idea to see the work of others for guidance. So I look over my image collection over Pinterest, Artstation or personal folders for inspiration, and then I choose those who look similar to that initial idea on my head. This could be related to mood, composition, color or a combination of those three. Finally, I deposit them all over PureRef (a great free reference software). Below you will find the canvas I created with the references I gathered.

This is the canvas I created with PureRef, where I deposit all the references in order to create the cover.

This is the canvas I created with PureRef, where I deposit all the references in order to create the cover.

Step 2: Thumbnailing

My editor likes to see some proposals for the cover, to see which would work better from a creative and marketing perspective. So, I take my references, and start painting using simple brushes with blend properties. This is a really fun process, where I play with tonal value and composition and create fast thumbnails which gives us a preview on how the final cover might look like. For this cover, I did four proposals, all of them done in less than an hour. My editor ended liking option 4 above the rest.

The thubnailing process is a great tool to create fast proposals for a single idea.

The thubnailing process is a great tool to create fast proposals for a single idea.

*Bonus Step: Studies.

If I find the task in hand difficult, I might do some studies before hitting the challenge directly. On this opportunity, I wasn’t sure what palette I’d be using so I decided to look over a couple of these images, and paint copies on them. These studies can be a good warmup exercise, and also used to analyze the thought process and logic behind these pieces.

Study 1.jpg
Study 2.jpg

Step 3: roughs and palette

You know that I like line art on my illustrations. Maybe this is a remnant of my liking for comics, who knows. That is why I take the chosen thumbnail, increase its size, and start sketching above it. I use these rough lines to define the overall shapes and some details I consider important. When these rough lines are finished, I usually start playing with some gradient maps to define the overall mood of the piece (while value gives structure, color gives emotion)


Step 4: Drawing

Now I know the overall structure and mood of my piece. Time to start drawing. On the rough lines, I stablished the gesture and overall shapes of the forms. Now, I define the drawing a bit more with one or two passes (each on a different layer), sketching some of the most important details like expressions, clothes, limbs, etc. The final pass or this process is the inking…which I will cover on a future entry. Stay tuned!

Working on more defined lines

Working on more defined lines

Please join me on a future journal entry to see the rest of the process, once the cover has been finished and approved. Thank you!


My deepest thanks to my supporters over Patreon:

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