Arcagen Journal Entry#7: Awesome Fanart!

Even before publishing my comic, I have been blessed with awesome fanart from great artists during these years. Please take a look on their versions of Paloma and other characters from my story.


This first one is from the very talented Andrés Blanco, a friend, colleague and former co-worker at DeNA. He’s also one of my loyal Patrons <3. I have always admired how loose and expressive his brushstrokes are, which create a unique sense of movement and tranquility. If you’re wondering why the colors of Paloma are different, it is because he did this fanart based on an old design of her.



Felsus was another co-worker at DeNA. We shared a lot of experiences during our years at the company, I must say I learned a lot from him. When he left the company, he handed me a sketchbook which contained these awesome fanarts of Paloma on the first pages. I’m super grateful for this gift!



What can I say about Isadora? She’s probably going to be one of the greatest transformers artist ever in a few years. She has this spirit of enthusiasm and self-improvement , which inspires me to keep advancing. Heck, I owe her for re-discovering my love for transformers and mecha in general. This is a commission, that has been around my workplace. If you like mechas in general, you need to check her stuff.



When I discovered Catalina’s work, I knew that I was in front of something very special. She’s a gifted comic artist and illustrator who specializes in stories for children. If you like colorful stories about magical beings, nature, family and friendship, don’t . I believe she captured the overall spirit of my story very well with this fanart.



She’s a very skilled comic artist, illustrator and friend who has always supported my artistic endeavors. Very prolific and professional, I’m sure she will achieve great things in the future. Check out the stream we made together some time ago. I gotta say, Paloma looks badass on this picture, and a bit older too hehe.



Morgan is a former student from my “Robot Design” class back in 2018, at Arcos Institute. He’s a very enthusiastic student with a lot of good ideas. Recently, he did this amazing fanart which captured a lot of the essence from the pilot of Arcagen. Just look at the amount of detail he put on the piece.



Boki is a loyal viewer of my Youtube Stream (which it’s currently on hiatus, sorry guys). He’s always making good questions about technique and the professional world of illustration/comics . I hope he continues his journey and becomes a great artist someday.


The last one is from Sebastián Herrera, UI designer from my team in “Hellfire: The Summoning” at DeNA (2016), and a person full of positive energy, good will and professionalism.

Sebastián Herrera.jpg

Would you like to share with me your fanart of Arcagen? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can share your piece with the rest of the world!