Should I keep blogging? 4 Reasons to keep doing so.

Now that the revolutions are slowing down, I’m taking the time to update my blog. I know I have abandoned this section for months, and tough I wanted to write about a lot of things, the motivation was never strong enough to do so. On my weekly schedule, I had a two-hour spot to do “blogs” each Sunday, which in the end I never used. Why is that? Most of the time, I preferred to actually work on new projects, instead of documenting past ones. However, now I’m finally resisting the temptation of working for the sake of working, and decided to come back and write some blogs.

I had many ideas and topics on what to write…but which topic should I hit first?. The way was full of doubts and insecurities such as “Why do I write blogs anyway?…Are blogs an ancient and outdate form of content? I don’t even read many blogs to begin with”. Paragraph after paragraph, the clouded mind started to clear itself. Why not write about writing blogs? Sounds very derivative, but at least that could give me some direction. Sometimes, it’s best to just getting started, and in the way, you figure out what to do.

These are not my hands…also my desk is not as pretty XD

These are not my hands…also my desk is not as pretty XD

So here I’m going to show you 4 bullet points, 4 answers I found on why I should keep blogging. Maybe this will help you take better decision on what kind of content you want to produce too:

  1. A Mental Exercise:

    Your ideas are flawless inside your head, no doubt about that. But when you have to bring them to reality, you will see these ideas where not as cool as you thought (if you can express them in the first place) Writing, and subsequently blogging, is a way to crystalize your thoughts so the rest of mortals can somewhat understand you. And believe me, it is HARD. As proof, let me tell you this blog had 3 or 4 drafts before a final version. Playing with words is a difficult task which shouldn’t be underestimated. I want to keep blogging to be more effective with words, and to keep my brain busy.

  2. An Elegant Format of Knowledge:

    Are blogs an ancient and outdate form of content? Yes, and so are books “But I don’t even consume blogs to begin with. Why making one?” On the contrary, I realized we consume blogs all the time. It’s just that we don’t search for them as “blogs” on the browser, but they are everywhere over the internet. Blogging might not be as popular as before, but it’s an elegant and organized form of sharing information with others, compared to video or audio.

  3. A Window to the Past:

    You can use your blogs as a form of journaling, and witness your past-self. What did I believe back then? What were my goals? My fears? Have I changed? For the better? It is an interesting experiment to read your creations of the past. Ok, I know you can also have a registry of your past in audio or video. However, our culture tends to transcript everything to written form, as a way to make it official, so it’s far from being a waste.

  4. A Script for Future Content:

    When you grow up, you realize how limited your time is. So while I’m creating a new comic, illustration, audio, or video, I often think: “what can I recycle from my past works so I can finish faster?” It doesn’t need to be a copy-paste, but as long as is your own content, there is no crime on recycling. In this regard, blogs can also be the inspiration for a future video, painting, talk, interview, comic or whatever. Just be aware of what you created on the past, and use it. Believe me, nobody (of value) is going to criticize you for recycling your own creations.

In conclusion, I still see the value of writing blogs today and onwards. Even if I don’t have any feedback (0 comments on my blog so far) I can use these instances to bring some order to my messy mind, and also have something to share with the world. Now that I think about it, I must find a way to backup all the content uploaded here, I wouldn’t want to lose it forever XD. Do you write blogs or articles on some form? Did you have your doubts on this medium now that social media is king? Let me know on the comments below.

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