Where the hell is Novanim?

Here’s a hint:

Not Montreal. This is Ottawa. But the picture is nice.

Not Montreal. This is Ottawa. But the picture is nice.

I’m at the city of Montreal, Canada. What am I doing here? Well, apart from taking a well deserved vacation, I’ll be taking an intensive art program at “Syn Studio”, focused on digital art for the entertainment industry. This program, called “Full Time Intensive”, lets you take 5 different classes imparted by masters of the craft.

Rideau Canal at Ottawa

Rideau Canal at Ottawa

I’m taking this opportunity for many reasons. First, to finally have formal education in art. As I have mentioned before, I have been working as a self-taught artist for 10 years. However, I always wanted to have one live course that could provide feedback and human interaction. Second, to learn from top tier artists from the video game and movie industry, which is currently my professional path. And third, to acquire state of the art knowledge that I can bring back to my country, so others can learn to thrive with their art as well.

This blog is NOT sponsored by Tim Hortons. I just like the coffee and the food in there.

This blog is NOT sponsored by Tim Hortons. I just like the coffee and the food in there.

2019-09-18 16.51.33.jpg

My deepest gratitude to family and friends for all the support they have given me during these last months.

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Some Q & A

Will there be livestreams? Please understand that my internet connection is not as stable as before, so there will be no livestreams until I’m back at Chile. However, I’m planning to keep you updated about this journey with blogs and videos.

Why Syn Studio and not a different school? Since I was little, Canada always fascinated me. I always saw it as the gentle side of North America. Last year, I visited Montreal and was fascinated by its artistic culture. Since the school is in there, and also great artists like Scott Robertson and Raphael Lacoste forged some classes , I felt it was my call.

Will I continue working on Arcagen? It is my intention to keep working on my comic. If I could juggle many jobs at the start of 2019 and still finish most of the first chapter, I’m sure I can do it again. Of course, I will have to adapt to a whole new life here, but I’ll fight to keep the story going.

Will you take commissions in the meantime? Sorry but commissions will be closed during my stay, since i want to focus most of my energy to the program. I came a long way to be here, so I want to make it count.

Aren’t you afraid of this journey? I’m afraid, of course. I had many doubts, but the fear of not taking this chance is worse. “That’s all it is Miles, a leap of faith”


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