Comic Books

From 2010, I have been working professionally on several comic book publications for different clients and countries. Below, you will find my most recent and/or important works.


The HUNT(2018)

The TOWER rules the world, and nothing happens unless it says so. Kingdoms tremble before its might and its mages hold the power of life & death over anyone who crosses their path. Cities have burned on the Tower’s order, whole civilizations are erased, and history is rewritten.

Written by Maximilian Held

Art by Diego Novanim Zúñiga



Written by Rob Hackney

Art by Diego Novanim Zúñiga



A Super Mario + Gurren Lagann crossover comic

Art by Diego Novanim Zúñiga



The story of four women who struggle to reach happiness in the modern days of Santiago de Chile.

Written by Daniela Gonzalez Viviani

Art by Diego Novanim Zuñiga